Storytellers are often quite occupied with their profession. However, some are so kind as to lend a helping hand to fellow storytellers. The following resources can be utilized to enhance your writing skills.

On Writing by Stephen King

In this autobiography, Stephen King shares his own experiences with the craft. His story often takes unbelievable turns, from living in a caravan to going through a horrific accident. King will inspire readers and storytellers alike in this book.

He also unveils extremely helpful tips for writers and encourages them to practice their craft as much as possible. For the world-renowned writer that King is today, readers will discover that it took many failed manuscripts before his stories were accepted by publishers. 

Neil Gaiman’s Writing workshop

Resources such as Grammarly and the Gotham Writer’s Workshop incorporate some of the teachings of Neil Gaiman into their own writing workshops. You will find some essential tips and guides by utilizing these resources. Gaiman himself is a multi-million bestseller. Works like American Gods have inspired many authors, young and old.

Using Grammarly for writing

If you write a lot, it may help to purchase a Grammarly prescription. Grammarly is a great editing tool that scans your writing for basic grammatical errors. It can also help you to enhance the clarity and conciseness of your writing.

Getting an editor to look at your work may be the best option, but Grammarly will help you to cut down on those embarrassing grammatical or spelling mistakes. You may even impress an editor with your work.

Do more research

If you are planning on writing a story, it is essential that you conduct thorough research on the topics or subject you are talking about. It only takes one reader to pick up an embarrassing factual error in your work. This emphasizes the importance of getting an editor to go through your work. Everyone can make a mistake, but it can be kept to a minimum.


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