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For Students:
The Art of Telling Stories
In a minimum 2 hour workshop, students are introduced to the art of storytelling: how to choose and learn a story; how to tell the story dramatically.

Bruce is also a member of Story Jam, a group of tellers offering more intensive training for students in the art of storytelling and providing teachers with resources and links to the Ontario Language curriculum. For more information visit www.storyjam.ca

L’art du conteur
Un atelier de 2 heures (minimum) qui aide les étudiants à devenir conteurs ou conteuses. Une introduction à l’art du conteur. Comment choisir et apprendre un conte. Comment  bien raconter le conte.

For Teachers:
The student workshops described above can be adapted for teachers who wish to learn to tell stories in the classroom.

Les ateliers,  décrits au-dessus, peuvent être adaptés aux besoins des professeurs qui veulent apprendre à bien conter des histoires.

Special Workshops
Bruce has developed and presented workshops for teachers on the value of stories and storytelling in the classroom. He presented a workshop titled: "Everyone needs a Story"at the Reading for the Love of It Conference in February 2010 and will be presenting a similar workshop in 2011.

Storytelling as a Tool for Change
This workshop was developed for and presented at a conference for theOntario Rural Instituteand focussed on how agencies and corporations use stories and storytelling.

Telling Personal Stories
Bruce has led courses in finding, developing and telling personal stories for seniors at the Yonge Street Mission and the Toronto Reference Library.

Building Stories from the ground Up
Developing historical, first person stories.

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