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Bruce at Gibson House as Charles Woodger, chauffeur.

Historical Stories

Bruce has become known and respected within the storytelling  community for his ability to develop and tell historical stories. Theses presentations bring history to life for the listeners.

Among the characters whose stories he has told are:
  • Charles Woodger, chauffeur at Spadina House in the 1920s
  • David Gibson, one of the leaders in the Rebellion of 1837
  • William Morewood (Bruce’s grandfather) as an immigrant’s tale at Mackenzie House
  • A 12 year old boy’s story from the fall of Fort York to the Americans during the War of 1812
  • Joseph Brammer, and early immigrant to Sharon and one of those imprisoned during the Rebellion of 1837
  • WOP May, bush pilot
  • Casey Baldwin, first Canadian to fly an airplane
  • Sir Alexander Graham Bell celebrating the triumph of the Silver Dart.
  • Several Biblical characters including Abraham and the apostle John

Stories are often developed to meet a specific need in a specific location. So if you don’t see a character here whose story is right for your location, contact Bruce using the e-mail link below. Perhaps a story can be created especially for your situation.

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