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The Role of Storytelling in the Schools

            • engages our imaginations
            • promotes language development
            • encourages reading
            • teaches us about other cultures and other times
            • helps us to understand ourselves and others

Listening to stories as they are told by another:
            • develops listening skills
            • increases concentration
            • develops vocabulary
            • develops a sense of story
            • motivates students to read

Learning to tell stories to others:
            • improves oral language skills
            • improves story writing
            • develops the students’ understanding of plot and sequence
            • encourages reading and critical thinking skills

Storytelling can be integrated into many subject areas across the curriculum.
While language arts and the creative arts are obvious areas, stories can help us to understand other cultures and other times. They can easily be integrated into history, geography and social studies programs. Carefully chosen stories can also be integrated into the mathematics programs.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for recognizing and validating the cultures of immigrant students  

Bruce works with schools to develop programs best suited to their needs, finding stories to compliment themes.

For primary students, stories are often drawn from traditional folklore, (Bruce's favourite). For junior and interemediatre students, historical stories, personal tales and stories from anciemt mythologies are also appropriate.

Some possible themes inlcude:

  • An Introduction to storytelling
  • French Canadian stories and Legends
  • Multicultural stories
  • Stories form the Native Peoples
  • Creation Stories
  • Stories of the Night Sky
  • Seasonal Stories
  • Dragon Stories
  • Knights of Old
  • Myths of the Ancient Greeks
  • To Touch the Sky: stories of flight from the Silver Dart to the Avro Arrow
  • The Rebellions of 1837
  • The War of 1812

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