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About the Storyteller

Bruce Carmody is a retired educator who spent 35 years with the former Scarborough Board of Education where he was a teacher, vice-principal and, for the last 23 years of his career, principal, including 10 years as a principal in French Immersion schools.

Since retiring from education in June 1998, Bruce has pursued a new career, as a storyteller, an interest he developed while teaching. He is a former president of The Storytellers School of Toronto (now Storytelling Toronto) and remains actively involved with the organization. He is also a member of Storytellers of Canada/Conteurs du Canada.

As a storyteller, Bruce tells in both English and French in schools and churches across the province. He is a frequent teller at the Ontario Science Centre and has told historical stories in many of the smaller museums in Toronto. He has performed at Storytelling Festivals in Newmarket, Ottawa, Toronto and Brantford and St. Marys. For three years he taught storytelling to seniors at the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto.

Bruce enjoys telling a variety of styles of stories from first person, historical narratives, Biblical stories and modern tales, but his favourites are the folktales that have endured through the centuries. Most recently, Bruce has developed a series of stories related to the early days of flight in Canada. He has told these stories at the Toronto Aerospace Museum and the Canada Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

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