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Storytelling for Adults

We’re never too old to enjoy a good story. Bruce especially loves telling to adults because of the richness of the stories that adults enjoy. “A story is like an onion: peel away one layer and you find another underneath.”  Adults and older adolescents have more experience at seeing beyond the surface level of the tale to see what it really tells us.

Every story invites us in and sometimes, within the tale, we find ourselves.

Bruce has told stories to adults in churches, at conferences, at festivals. He has a good deal of experience at telling to seniors in residences, and retirement homes.

Some of the places where Bruce has told to adults:

  • Gibson House
  • Mackenzie House
  • Fort York
  • Spadina House
  • The Toronto Aerospace Museum
  • The Canada Aviation Museum
  • SHaron Temple
  • House Concerts
  • Office Parties
  • Word on the Street
  • Festivals: Toronto Storytelling Festival, Ottawa Storytelling Festival, Brantford Storytelling Festival, St. Mary’s Storytelling Festival, Newmarket Storytelling Festival
  • Probus CLubs in Newmarket, Scarborough

Bruce presented To Touch the Sky at the Waterloo County Museum in November 2011 sharing his stories of Canadian aviation.

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